Flower asset

Wind power

Flower maximizes wind energy potential with dynamic solutions

Elevating wind energy potential

Our solutions include forecasting, trading and real-time monitoring, allowing for dynamic adjustments, whichfurther solidifies Flower’s role in advancing wind energy by maximizing its potential.

Harvesting the breeze

Explore the renewable energy of the wind as Flower maximizes third-party wind assets. By optimizing wind parks, we enhance efficiency and contribute to grid stability through advanced forecasting models. Our expertise positions us as a guiding force in the energy transition by ensuring predictability, flexibility and reliability of wind power.

What we do

Empowered by our cutting-edge forecasting, optimization, and trading software, we open the doors for all energy assets to actively contribute to stabilizing the uncertainties within the energy system. This not only enhances grid resilience but also generates additional revenue streams for asset owners. 

Expanding upon and harnessing our core capabilities, we are rapidly emerging as a leading developer of grid-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), earning the trust of grid owners throughout Europe.

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