Flower asset

Solar power

Precision for enhanced efficiency and grid reliability

Sun-Powered Precision

Refining sunlight into sustainable energy. Seamlessly integrating solar ensures not only enhanced efficiency but also improved predictability in energy production, contributing significantly to grid reliability. Our Power Refinery (Virtual Power Plant, VPP) solutions incorporate predictive analytics from trading and weather data, optimizing solar output and grid stability, reinforcing Flower as a key enabler in advancing solar technology.

Solar Synergy

Flower optimizes third-party solar assets, our solutions provide grid stability and flexibility while enabling predictability and extra revenue streams for asset owners, showcasing our commitment to optimizing solar energy for a sustainable future.

What we do

Empowered by our cutting-edge forecasting, optimization, and trading software, we open the doors for all energy assets to actively contribute to stabilizing the uncertainties within the energy system. This not only enhances grid resilience but also generates additional revenue streams for asset owners. 

Expanding upon and harnessing our core capabilities, we are rapidly emerging as a leading developer of grid-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), earning the trust of grid owners throughout Europe.