Flower asset

Battery Energy Storage Systems

A reliable and flexible fossil-free energy system

Empowering Grid Resilience

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) represent a pivotal advancement in modern energy infrastructure. By acting as a dynamic energy buffer, battery systems enhance grid resilience, ensuring a steady and reliable energy supply. With the right technology, they adapt instantly to demand fluctuations, providing stability to the grid and laying the foundation for a sustainable energy future.

Pioneering Precision

Explore the precision of energy management with Flower’s advanced Power Refinery (Virtual Power Plant, VPP) solutions. Our platform takes a meticulous approach, optimizing grid-scale BESS not only for grid stability but also through innovative solutions for local congestion management and peak shaving. Seamlessly integrated into the energy ecosystem, our Power Refinery ensures efficient energy distribution, making a lasting impact on multiple flexibility energy trading markets.

Elevating the Energy Landscape

Expanding upon and harnessing our core as a leading aggregator and optimizer, we are quickly making an impact for the energy transition as a project developer for grid-scale batteries, trusted by European grid owners on both the transmission and distribution network.

What we do

Building on our industry-leading forecasting, optimization and trading software, all types of energy assets can participate in alleviating the uncertainties of the energy system, while yielding extra revenue streams for asset owners. Adding to, and leveraging our core capabilities, we are also quickly becoming one of the leading grid-scale BESS developers, trusted by grid owners across Europe.