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Swiftly gaining ground as Sweden’s industry leader in battery storage and expanding rapidly in selected European markets, Flower is on a mission to enable the energy system of tomorrow.

We are Flower

Flower is Flexible Power. Our vision extends beyond the energy transition, we aim to become the pioneering force powering the energy system of tomorrow.

With industry-leading AI software at its core, our service includes stabilizing the energy system by enhancing predictability and flexibility for both energy producers and consumers.

By combining pioneering technology with a portfolio of flexible energy assets, we break new ground towards a fossil-free energy system, enabling clean energy to power society.

Flower contributes to the global dialogue on sustainable energy, driving positive change far beyond today’s horizon. Join us as we enable a sustainable and interconnected world powered by a reliable and flexible fossil-free energy system.

Whether you’re a partner, team member, or an enthusiast of shaping the energy landscape, Flower welcomes you on this remarkable journey. Explore the possibilities where innovation blossoms, and the energy of the future takes root.

Diversity is our strength, with a team representing over 20 nationalities we see a global mindset as crucial to stay in the frontier of all kinds of development. At our beautiful office on the hills of Stockholm’s Södermalm, we embrace varied perspectives, creating an international environment where creativity and progress flourish.

What we do

Building on our industry-leading forecasting, optimization and trading software, all types of energy assets can participate in alleviating the uncertainties of the energy system, while yielding extra revenue streams for asset owners. Adding to, and leveraging our core capabilities, we are also quickly becoming one of the leading grid-scale BESS developers, trusted by grid owners across Europe.

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