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Revolutionizing energy systems with advanced virtual power plant solutions and flexibility integration

Power Refinery

Enable the energy system of tomorrow with the Power Refinery, our Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Unlocking the full potential of each asset is a pivotal capability. Our adept value stacking approach not only caters to the needs of grid and asset owners but also ensures revenue stream diversification. Executing this strategy successfully demands profound expertise across various markets and flexible assets. This enables us to seamlessly engage in both asset-backed and asset-less trading, offering precise support to both the energy system and asset owners.

Harnessing advanced machine learning forecasting of behavior modeling, energy trading, asset and weather data, Power Refinery not only enhances efficiency and grid stability, but also creates planability for asset and grid owners, revolutionizing the way energy resources are managed and traded.

Grid stability

The energy system of tomorrow relies on a high share of renewable energy production, and with that comes a new set of uncertainties. Grid owners, producers and consumers are all affected by these uncertainties, and enabling that system relies on stability in grid frequency, prices and volume. Combining and solving these problems is what we call flexibility.

Congestion management

Our Power Refinery offers unparalleled insights and control, allowing asset owners to navigate the complex energy landscape with precision, ensuring optimal performance and unlocking new opportunities. Working in close collaboration with grid owners to offer an alternative to expensive and time consuming grid expansions, we alleviate local congestion to optimize grid performance and reliability, where it matters the most.

What we do

Building on our industry-leading forecasting, optimization and trading software, all types of energy assets can participate in alleviating the uncertainties of the energy system, while yielding extra revenue streams for asset owners. Adding to, and leveraging our core capabilities, we are also quickly becoming one of the leading grid-scale BESS developers, trusted by grid owners across Europe.